Beta Reading

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Have you just completed the first draft of your manuscript? Do you need someone to go over it to point out any thing you may have missed? Then you need the services of a beta reader today.


Beta Reading

Beta Readers . . . Superheros that provide vital services to authors . . .

A beta reader is a non-professional reader, albeit one who reads a lot of books (especially fiction). S/he goes over a written piece of work to find and improve a variety of things including grammar and spelling  as well as making suggestions on how to improve the overall plot, plot holes, the characters and settings, to name a few.

Beta reading is usually done before a written work is published and available for public consumption.

The best time to have a beta reading is after the author first completes the manuscript ie the 1st draft of the manuscript.


Why us?

With this service, the beta read is done by professionals eg authors and editors. The beta reader has previous experience beta reading and the feedback given is an actual critique and not based on emotions or personal beliefs. Most importantly, there is dependability. You know that there is always someone to give you feedback as and when you need it.

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On the checkout page under additional info or after payment via email, please provide the following:

  • Book name
  • Genre
  • Word count (max 150k words)
  • Manuscript via a link to Google docs. We do not accept files any other way
  • Any special beta read requests?
  • You may track progress of your work via ‘My Account’
  • Depending on the word count and the amount of work needed, it may take up to a month for the beta reading report to be delivered. However, we anticipate getting it completed much sooner.

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