About Segilola Publishing

It all started in 2015

Segilola Publishing was originally set up as the imprint to publish books by author and podcast host Segilola Salami. The books published so far focus on African characters, location and/or culture.

To find out more about Segilola Salami, please visit her website here.

Segilola Publishing is listed as a division of Cougar Solar (UK) Limited. Registered address is 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX and registration number: 06976637.


Current focus for Segilola Publishing

Since signing up with Ingram Spark as our distribution partner, we’re working on making all our current titles available as paperback books for international distribution.

Self published authors (new or existing) can utilise our in-house team to facilitate various steps in their publishing journey. Check out our services page for further info.

Starting January 2017, we would be running a “Working In Publishing” course for those who want to consider a career in the publishing industry. You can find out more about the course here.


The future?

We hope to work with authors, especially those from a disadvantaged background or living in developing countries, who are unable to self publish their books. Our preference would be for books that showcase the African continent in one way or the other.

Self publishing is the way of the future and we highly recommend all authors who can to. We would continue to make our team of specialists (from book cover designers to beta readers etc) available to help authors self publish their books.


Beta Readers and Early Reviewers

In other to make our books the very best they can be, we are always on the look out for beta readers and early reviewers.

Beta Readers

Beta readers are the first to read a manuscript once completed by the author. They give valuable feedback to the author on the plot as a whole, the characters, identify plot holes and so much more. They are able to separate their emotions and give constructive feedback.

If you believe you have what it takes to be a beta reader, then please enter your details below.

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Please note that there is no payment for new beta readers with Segilola Publishing. However, those beta readers who consistently provide constructive feedback will be eligible for renumeration.

Early Reviewers

Early reviewers are next in the line of defence. They get to read the second draft of a manuscript after an author has edited it, taking into account feedback from the beta readers.

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Whilst there is no pay for this, early reviewers get to discover new titles before anyone else. They are also eligible to receive a free copy of the final book.

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